Focus on your expertise: 3D design

Creating an interactive 3D sales solution with Hauzd engine is more productive than ever.

No programming required:

3D modelling is your expertise, we take care of the rest.


Exterior scenes for towers, masterplans, houses, offices.
Interor scenes for apartments, amenities.
Plugin shorcuts for frequent operations.


One-click export from 3DS MAX.
One-click import to Hauzd engine.


Define the look and feel in Adobe Ilustrator:
Icons, colors, fonts, backgrounds…and more!


One click import Adobe Ilustrator file to
Hauzd Engine.

One click scene generation Map
for surroundings and city scale map.

Once final package is submitted, all apps and

executables for all platforms are prepared and published by Hauzd.

OS 4.1 and later low-mid level phones
OS 7.10 - Laptops, desktops and big touch screens
iPhone 5 or later and iPad Air (1st gen) or later
BETA version. All major browsers


One click launch of shared network workers to get help from your servers/PCs with lightmap rendering and asset building.


One-click build process prepares scene for ALL possible hardware devices.


One-click app testing/preview in resolutions of all common hardware devices such as iPhone, iPad, Full HD.

Create your first
3D interactive sales solution with Hauzd engine

See what our partners say about us

We’ve started creating one project for a big real estate developer in Uruguay, then the same client ordered one more.
Hauzd engine simplifies the process of creating a 3D app, minimizing various manual tasks that take lot of time to do.

Alvaro Latarowski
Snapping from Uruguay

Our studio started developing mobile Apps 6 years ago, after a long absence we are coming back to business using Hauzd’s framework as main integration tool. For us is very important to mindset our clients with a unique presentation tool based completely on 3D models that you can explore, manipulate, rotate and zoom. Hauzd’s framework enables us to offer Multiplatform Apps for our clients without the need of having one code team for each platform and reducing production costs

Rodrigo Ramos
TIF from Mexico

We have been working with Hauzd to create real-time interactive experiences with our clients in Colombia through one of the most powerful channels nowadays: Mobiles. Their understanding for the real estate market needs in terms of software development is flawless for both of us, making our  business models grow according to the market needs. 

Felipe Hurtado
Vika Solutions from Colombia